You know who are the drivers, the different countries where they are from, which is their escuderia, which are the most thrilling and exciting circuits and who are the sponsored of every single driver. Everything is all right so far but there is something you still don’t know: the World Series Formula V8’s drivers in deep.

We open the doors to you to understand what is behind the World Series Formula V8 world. Let’s get closer to the reality of the pilots, their daily habits, their emotions and their fears. All that will be told by the protagonists of this exciting competition. The twelve drivers will make you participate in eight episodes of their training routines, how they live the moments before the races, what are their eating habits or how their families accompany them around the world.

Undoubtedly, they are motorsports stars but humans also. Because of that, we inaugurate these series of episodes: it isa ll about showing you up the human side of the twelve pilots. How do they manage their nerves before a new race? In whom they fix the gaze when they climb to the podium? What do they feel when they overtake their competitors? How do they communicate with their teams? Take this unique opportunity to know every single detail of this championshiop from how do they escape from an allocated fan to how they follow the professional career of their idols.

The most open, accessible and participatory sports competition now comes to your home, to your computer, to your mobile. Look at it and, the most important, share it!

This is much more than a race. This is where we do not let you stay with any doubt, your idols answers them. This is where they will talk to you in the first person. It is here where you will know much more of the World Series, it is here “Where stars are born”.