You know how the race ended but jerez left a lot of funny and spontaneus details.  Did you missed it? Don’t worry, everything is explained by the drivers in their social media accounts.

Look at Pietro Fittipaldi and Roy Nissany, althought they knew that they have the support of Michelin’s tires, just one could win. Finnally, the winner was the Lotus’s driver even than Nissany achieved a great success. Both starred in this funny photo in their “fight” for the prize.

During the days before the race the drivers are focus on the training, specially because of the efforts that they put on the path. Despite the suffocating heat, Nelson Mason chose the Council Chapín Stadium of Jerez de la Frontera to run for a while.

Huge turnout here in Jerez for the maserace warmup. #packedhouse #40degrees #FF #l4l #love #instagood #photooftheday

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Jerez brings good memories to Mason, and that circuit has already made him reap some victory.

And let’s not forget the simulator, key in the preparation that the pilots do to compete in each circuit. Yu Kanamaru teaches you the footwork that is done in these tests.

We’ve already showed you the big event where Rene and Pietro were the stars. Do you have any idea about how the cars arrived into the Alcazares of Seville? To move them is not an easy work. If not, ask the Lotus team.

Team Lotus at famous historic place yesterday #wslotusteam #worldseries_v8

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Do you remember Nelson Mason talking about his idol Sebastian Vettel? The German driver loved it, or this is what Teo Martin Motorsport is sure about!

The race looked exciting, and it was! Look the incredible start of Pietro Fittipaldi. His team, Lotus, highlights i ton Twitter with the celebrity quote of the great brasilean driver Ayrton Senna. ‘If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver’

PitStops had their own protagonism at Jerez. How do they look from nearby? Do not miss it!  Pietro Fittipaldi, Damiano Fioravanti y Konstantin Tereschenko show them.

Pitstop!🚦 @wslotusteam #WorldSeries #V8 #Pitstop #Racing #Motorsport #Lotus

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It was an unlucky day for Rene. He recognised it in his Twitter account making sure that he is doing his best to be a champion. Go Binder!