Have you ever wondered what happens behind the cameras during a race? There is a great team working to make sure that you can watch the competition’s best moments without even having to get up from the sofa (though you may have to stand up to pick up the remote control).

Segundo Vilas, TV manager Formula V8 3.5, introduces us to those that make this possible to see how they work.

To make sure that everything is ready before the day of the race, TV professionals have to arrive three or four days in advance. It may seem like a very long time, but the assembly requires a lot of time and efforts. Imagine: around 10 kilometres of cable has to be used to connect the cameras to the mobile television unit.

This television unit allows the shooting and the broadcasting of all the images from the competition. It is a small room where the technicians and other professionals work to make sure that the audience can see all the details. For example, the role of the graphic designer during the race is to confirm that everything is in its place. There is also a technician that chooses the broadcasting camera according to the producer. And the producer has to verify that everything is under control.

In order to make possible the contents, a small –but essential- script is written with the order and different contents that are going to appear. This piece of paper is very important for the professionals of the television unit, but also for all the channels that broadcast the races all over the world. This facilitates everybody the understanding of everything that is going on in the track. These notes are followed from the beginning to the end so that the content is ordered and coherent for the viewer.

And so much work is worth it… isn’t it?