The pit-stop is one of the most exciting moments of any race. The drivers are risking their place in the competition, so the synchronization between the whole team has to be brilliant. The best person who can talk about this adrenaline moment is someone who is very used to it. Diego Menchaca talks about what does a pit-stop consist on and what does a driver have to do.

The pit-stop is where the car stops during the race to make repairs and improvements. The team wants to make sure that the vehicle has more power for the rest of the competition. They can refuel, they change the tyres, they make any adjustment needed, they fix whatever has been damaged… and as quickly as possible!

A car can win or lose the race in the pit-stop, so it is very important that it is very fast. All the teams practice very hard in order to make this stop as short as they can. They usually use some cameras located above their heads to analyze their weakness and they try to improve them.

Do you know how the long signal used in the pit-stop is called? Due to its shape, its name is Lollipop and it is used to point where the driver has to stop the vehicle. He has to stop the front wheel next to the Lollipop.

Once the car is ready to continue with the race because all the problems have been solved, the engineer turns over the Lollipop so that the driver starts to accelerate. As soon as he moves the Lollipop, the driver has to leave immediately to avoid wasting time. During the practice, the team tries to leave tyre marks on the floor so that they can brake easier when they enter the pit-stop and they have more traction when they leave.

After Diego Menchaca’s lessons, you will not see the pit-stop again with the same eyes, will you?