They know everything (or almost everything) about the driver. His personality, his way of reacting, his weaknesses, his strengths… Their level of trust and rapport has to be very high to achieve the victory. They have to demand more than they can give in order to reach the top. We are talking about the coachers that work with the drivers during the whole competition.

Nobody would say no to a bit of help when facing a stressful situation like a World Series Formula V8 3.5 race. That is why the coachers are one of the most important supports for drivers before, during and after a race.

But they are more than a big support for the driver. They are responsible for collecting and communicating him all kinds of information that may be useful for the competition. They have to make sure that the driver is aware of all the concerning details so that he will improve his performance on the track.

For Alfonso Celis’ coach, Bruno Besson, one of his most important tasks is to make the driver feel comfortable. Therefore, trust and a solid relationship between both of them are crucial.

According to Roberto Strait, Diego Menchaca’s coach, the first six months with a driver are vital to reaching a high level of trust between both of them. It is important that the coach knows how to recognize what the driver thinks and feels, but also that he fully trusts his coach.

On the other hand, Fernando Plata, Pietro Fittipaldi’s coach, clarifies that when he has to be tough with his driver he becomes a serious and strict person. After all, we must not forget that the final goal of his job is to make sure that the team achieves its best result.

If you look carefully in any race, you will see that the coachers are very close to the drivers, encouraging and guiding them to the podium.