We love showing you the deepest part of World Series Formula V8. Since the competition has started, we have taken you into a tour around the Home Race, the Heating Room, we have showed you what the pit board is and what the families of the drivers feel when their relatives are on the track. On this occasion, we take you into the Race control, heart of World Series Formula V8.

More than 50 people work in this “secret place”, as Javier Bonet, Race director, explained to us when we were in the Spanish Motorland Aragon. These people have several jobs into the Race Control such as the rescue teams, ambulances, medical services, up to 50 people that are involve in the control of the races.

To do their job in the best way, the people that work in the race control are aided by more than 50 cameras which are distributed around each circuit. From the moment the race starts, all eyes are on each of the drivers through these screens where the technicians can appreciate all the details.

How they could appreciate any detail? To assist them in their work, the Race control cameras are arranged in a linear way by arrows. These objects show them the way of the cars into the races and help them to keep their eyes on one driver or another so they can continue without altering the rest of the pilots.

At the moment of an incident on a track, on the screens of the Race control the technicians made a zoom on the car so they can appreciate which driver is the one that already had an issue. Thanks to it, they can organize the team to assist the drivers as fastest as it is possible, so the race can continue without any problem.