Our favorite drivers use their social networks to tell us what they do during the day. In their Instagram accounts, we can see how they train for the races, what their meals consist of and how they enjoy their free time.

There has just passed two weeks since the last race in Mexico City, and during these days, they have all been training hard to offer us the best version of themselves in Austin (Texas). The race in the USA is going to be full of emotions because there is only a race left after that one to know the championship of the World Series of Formula V8 of the current season.

Meanwhile, we take you into a tour around what they uploaded in Instagram Stories to see how they are living the moments before the race.

Into their Instagram Stories

Pietro Fittipaldi has been one of the first drivers to land on America. With his team, the Brazilian driver (current number 1 in the standings), has enjoyed the days before the race visiting the city of Austin and its culture.

Matevos Isaakyan, who is second in the standings, is also in Austin. With his teammate Egor Orudzhev, both went around the city and visited some of its most emblematic monuments.

Our Japanese driver, Yu Kanamaru, enjoyed so much the time that he spent in Mexico because of the race. One that he was there, he decided to spend a few days of tourism in the country. In his Instagram account, he warned all his fans that this week there is a new race in which he will compete for the podium.

Between one race and the next, Roy Nissany has spent a few days relaxing in California, enjoying the sun. Now, he is in Austin ready to drive hiscockpit.

Diego Menchaca has already visited the place where he will compete for being at the top of the podium. He has been speechless due to the majesty of the circuit. Look at these amazing pictures that he took!

For those who can’t travel to Austin, we recommend them to take a tour on the Instagram of Konstantin Tereschenko. The Teo Martin’s driver is the best correspondent ever!