How important a piece of cloth can be! Flags are essential for World Series Formula V8 3.5 and any other automotive competition as they facilitate the communications with the drivers and teams. Everybody involved in the races has to know very well their meaning in order to avoid any kind of confusion. But, have you ever wondered what does each of the flags used in the races and training mean?

In order to find it out, we have asked Jesús Vaquero, sports manager at Motorland Aragón and Sports Director of the Aragonese Automobile Federation.

Firstly, the yellow flag. This one is used to alert the drivers that some kind of problem has arisen at some point of the track. The race operator waves this flag so that the drivers slow down. From this moment, any overtake is completely forbidden. The green flag indicates that the cars can circulate normally again.

When the red flag appears on the track, no matter if it is during a race or during a training session, the problem is even bigger. The race will be cancelled in order to avoid any type of risk to anybody involved.

And, have you ever seen a black flag with an orange disk in the middle? It is used to communicate that a specific driver has a problem. To show which car is affected, this flag is displayed statically next to a poster with the number of that driver. He is forced to leave the race as soon as he goes next to the pit lane.

Finally, the warning flag which is black and white. This one is used to tell a driver that he has committed an infraction. As the previous one, it is also shown together with the number of the driver who is in trouble.

Now that you know the meaning of the flags for the races, you will never doubt again what is going on in the competition.