It may sound obvious, but our drivers, apart from knowing how to concubine a Formula V8 car, need to have a valid driving experience from their country. In this case, the Mexican driver Alfonso Celis Jr. is the one that show us how, in each of the World Series races, they must pass through a rigorous control of driving licenses. Do you want to know is his drive license?  Here you have the clues:

In the case of Celis Jr., his driver’s license has indicated which type of cars he can drive. Alfonso Celis Jr. has a “Grade A” which allows him to drive Formula V8 cars without any problem.

One feature of Mexican driving licenses is all that is indicated in them. First, the document says the blood group to which the person belongs. This is really useful: in the event of an accident, the health services that come to care for the injured person can know what type of blood would he needs.

What else is indicated in the Mexican driver’s license that makes it different from a European one, for example? In them it is written if the driver has any allergy. In the case of Alfonso Celis Jr., he doesn’t suffer any. Lucky!

And, of course, something very common and necessary in all driving documents: the expiration date. The Alfonso Celis Jr. expires later this year, he will have to renew it soon if he wants to be next year back in the World Series Formula V8! Something we are sure about it.

But to get the driver’s license that proves them to drive this type of circuits, pilots should pass a special examination in which they must demonstrate that they know how to handle machines of this caliber.

How did Alfonso Celis Jr. get his license? Pay attention to the explanation given in the video, the story was very funny!