Mexico City’s race leave us with a really nice taste in our mouth. For a long time, everything was pointing out that it was going to be a good race, but no one thought it was going to be as surprising as it was.

The stands were crowded with spectators, fans crowded to be close to their favorite stars and surprises were constant. Do not you believe it? We take a tour of the social networks of our favorite pilots to check it out.

Diego Mechaca, grateful

The Mexican driver was really happy to be home, surrounded by his family, friends and fans. Therefore, he wanted to thank all those who had come to support him in such a special race for him.

In addition, he did not forget all the people who made the race possible and he wanted to send this message of thanks to the volunteers who helped, in a selfless way, to make the event a big success.

Alfonso Celis Jr., home winner

Alfonso Celis was full of joy. Like his compatriot, Celis enjoyed the race that was held at home from the first minute.

Apart of enjoying the atmosphere and the race, Celis could climb on the podium with the flag of his country. There is nothing better than winning at home!

Celis also had words of gratitude for all the Mexicans and all those people who went to watch the World Series Formula V8 at Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

In response, his fans didn’t stop encouraging him.

Alfonso Celis Jr. also has great idols. One of those who came to support the drivers was Emerson Fittipaldi, F1 star and grandfather of Pietro Fittipaldi.

Pietro Fittipaldi, the legend goes on

Pietro Fittipaldi came and swept. Both in the qualifying round and in the final race, Fittipaldi was in first position, getting his own record. All this, with the best advice of his grandfather.

Alex Palou continues surprising

The Spanish driver, winner of the previous Nurburgring race, had the opportunity to race in Mexico City. As it happens in Germany, Palou qualified for the final race.

But during the final race of Mexico, he had an incident that left him out of the circuit. He lived it in this way:

On the other side…

As in all competitions, there are some who win and others who don’t. On this occasion, Yu Kanamaru and Roy Nissany didn’t have much luck. Don’t despair guys! There is still a lot of competition ahead and anything can happen.