There are a lot of time that we are watching the race and we are just focus on what is happening on the pavement. But there is much more thing around the circuits. As we as always say, World Series Formula V8 is all about the teams. Although the drivers are the visible face, all the members of the different teams competing in the races have a crucial function into the results of the drivers.

Although that drivers receive thousands of indications by the radio – that provide them of being permanently connected to their teams – there are lot of people that also give them indications at the foot of the roads. On this occasion, who tells us all the details of how to do this work is Carlos, third mechanic of Konstatin Thereshchenko (Teo Martin Motorsports). If the noise of the cars passing by our side allows us to hear him, he explains us how does the pit board work.

The pit board has three different sections: in the above one, the third mechanics put the driver’s position in race at the moment that it is passing by the mechanic side. This is something they know thanks to the radio: the first engineer communicates it to the third engineer and he puts it on the pit board so the pilot can know how he is in the race.

In the second position of the pit board, the third engineer places the number of laps that the driver has carried out. In this way, they can know if they should fuel the car or if they must overtake their opponents to be the first of the race.

In the last section of the pit board, the mechanic puts some several necessary indicators for the drivers: either the time the pilot is doing or the time that the person is behind the one before him. All very practical!