One thing we always say is that the key to success in World Series and achieve the top of the podium is to have a good team behind. Although the drivers are visible face in races, behind them there are a lot of people that work pretty hard: managers, technicians, mechanics, security, control, etc.

After meeting those who oversee the tyres before a race, getting into a Home Home and learning what the Scrutering for this year is, this time we meet the engineer who works hand by hand with Konstantin Tereschenko (Teo Martin).

The first thing to note is the good relationship they have between them. This is vitally important: having a connection, enjoying work, creating a fun environment to work on.

How do the driver and the engineer work together? As the engineer of Tereschenko explains, Miguel, each driver is different: they act differently in a race or in another, they take advance in a point or in another, they accelerate differently as well and they risk in distinct points. In addition, each car is also different so the key in this way is to create a good package between the driver and the car. The most important thing is that the pilot understands perfectly his car: he must know its strengths and, if it exists, also the possible weaknesses.

In addition, drivers need to make the car his best friend, so that is why Tereschenko and Miguel need to study in detail each of the races: Monza, Spa, Jerez, Nurburbring, Mexico City, etc, each of the circuits are different, with different curves and obstacles, etc. That is why it is very important to do a previous study, cannot launch the pilot to drive without knowing the track, as a student does not attend an exam without having studied (well…).