If you have a break time of a month, what would you do? There are several options: go travelling around the world, practicing some sports, training for a competition or just spending time with the people you love most. This is what our drivers do between a circuit and the next one, as what it is happening right now that they are having a break time until arriving in Mexico City, where it will place the next race.

Our favorite drivers know how to seize the time (and how to make us envy as well). That is the case of Rene Binder (Lotus) that he had spent such a great time in Sirdinia with his wife, relaxing under the sun and enjoying such beautiful atmosphere.

Not only Rene enjoys relaxing. As the great competitor that he is, he spent some of his break day practicing some risk sports. We know that he loves climbing and trekking and on this occasion, he took a great company to explored the Austrian mountains: his team colleague, Pietro Fittipaldi. Together, and with the company of Rene鈥檚 wife, they went on an expedition onto the mountains, how brave you are guys!

Most of the drivers go on these days to visit their families, friends and hometowns. This is what Egor Orudzhev and Matevos Isaakyan (Smp Racing by AVF) are doing in Moscow. How do you think they are spending these break days? You won鈥檛 guess it. They are doing some farm work! Apart of being such great drivers, the Russian guys are farmers back home. These guys never stop surprising us!

And, what about the other drivers? Yu Kanamaru (RP Motorsport) is in Tokio, Diego Menchaca (Fortec Motorsports) is spending some time in Valencia, Alfonso Celis Jr (Fortec Motorsports) has already landed in Mexico City, Damiano Fioravanti (RP Motorsport) is enjoying the sun and the beaches of Tenerife and Guiseppe Cipriani (Il Barone Rampante) is spending some time in Ibiza. If you are around these places, keep focus on the people that you meet at the street, you can suddenly meet your favorite drivers!