If drivers want to be the first one to climb onto the podium, they need to have the best team behind them. Best advice, best engineers, best mechanics, and the most of all, the best car. Being part of teams as Fortec Motorsport, Smp Racing by AVF or Lotus, among other, required drivers to have the latest technology and the best accessories in their cars. One of these vital tools are tyres. Obviously, Michelin tyres.

On this occasion, we take Gabriel Páramo, Michelin competitor distributor for Spain and Portugal, for a master class of how the tyres are selected and distributed into all the teams. First question is evident: how many tyres do a driver use per circuit? Each driver spends three sets (during the classification race and the main race).

Have you ever seen that all tyre have drawing numbers on it? What do these numbers represent? Each tyre has three different numbers. Take paper and pen:

The first number of the tyre represent the width ground grip in centimeters. It’s not, as Gabriel tell us, the total width of the tyre, but it is the width ground grip. The second number of the tyre represent the diameter in centimeters as well of the inflate tyre. Third number on it is about the diameter of the rim but on this occasion, written in inches.

As a great fan of motorsports that you are, you will know the main difference between a race tyre and a street tyre: the contact surface. Something crucial in races is to change the tyres and get the right one depending on the current weather.

And now, the core question: how much do you think a tyre of these characteristics cost? Watch the video and check it out. Just a clue: it doesn’t fit all pockets!