Fair play is also something that happens in World Series Formula V8. It is not a question of not harming the opponents, nor of making a fair game (the Hearing Room is responsible about all these), it is about bringing the drivers the same opportunities to achieve the podium in all races.

Everything must be checked in detail in the moments before the race. Because of that, the chief of logistics of each team must check that the cars measure the legal parameters, something that is established every year and that is the same for all. On this occasion, Marc Tudela, Chief of Logistics of RPM – MKTG, explains to us in detail what Scrutering is about.

What is the purpose of this process? Very simple: to make all the cars competing in the World Series Formula V8 under the same conditions, without benefiting or disfavoring any driver or team. In this way, all cars run under the same parameters and the chances to reach the podium are the same for everyone. Have you ever heard about this process? No worries, here you have all the details.

First, they check that the entire bottom of the car is in order. To do this, they suspend the car in the air to take the parameters of the front and the back wings, to make sure that it is on the legal list.

The, the teams check the height of the front wing. As Marc Tudela explains, they also should comply with the established parameters. After this, they focus on the angle, which should also be under what is legally stipulated for the current year.

This process is done officially after every single race and all the drivers who have competed in the race pass through it, either in the qualifying rounds or in the main race.