World Series Formula V8 is the place, as our slogan state and as we always say, where stars are born. Is the place where the drivers project all their knowledge and their capacities to be watched by motorsports spectators all around the world. Although we always try to get you closer to your favorite drivers, watching how their warming sessions are, how they spend their free time or how they get ready for an important race, there is someone that knows them deeper than us: their moms.

In this occasion, we have the opportunity of knowing Yu’s mom, Tokiko. She is a charming woman than has being always by the side of Yu, since he started competing in races. The beginnings of Yu in motorsports were when he was 5 years old, but not in Japan, as you could imagine. It was in Europe.

What does she do during the races? Tokiko helps Yu in every aspect that she can: preparing some food, get the suits ready for the races and, of course, cheering him from the stands. When we met her, we didn’t want to lose the opportunity of asking her some personal questions about Yu, she is the one who most knows him! So, asked about what is the favorite food of Yu she doubt a bit and answered, “Japanese food”. Of course, she was right! When we asked the Yu Kanamaru the same question to confirm, he said “Japanese burger”. What a pity… we don’t know the recipe.

Is not difficult to know that Tokiko is Yu’s greatest fan, she always followed him in every single race. Asked about which one is her favorite, she was sure about it: Spa. Why? Because she can be close to the trucks and feel the same emotions and adrenaline that her son is feeling.