Esther Valle is one of the vital people in Teo Martin team. She is the Teo Martin manager and due to her job in the team she gives us through a tour in the Teo Martin’s motor home, the “house” of the team everywhere there is a race.

Inside of the motor home there is all necessary for the races. First, the office, the place where engineers work side by side with the drivers, analyzing every single detail that can be helpful for the competition. In the video, we can see that she doesn’t lie: Thereschenko is collaborating with the trunk engineer to get as much information as they can to achieve the podium.

Inside of the office, drivers have their suits and underwear, explicitly made for their sizes and heights. And not also the clothes for the races, that place also have everything that mechanics need: the dowers are full of tools that they can take immediately to do their job.

Apart of the most common things in races as tools, Teo Martin’s motor home have the newest technology: tablets for the drivers and the teams that they use during the practice sessions. On it they can see the lap times: something useful for the drivers and the rest of the team because they work on that results to take advantage of the times and movements, not only of them, but the rest of the drivers.

Every time there is a race, pilots and their teams must move their offices around the world and, since they cannot move an entire building, all teams have a house like this to do their job in the best way possible. And, to feel at home, to be able to relax, to talk with the rest of the team and to leave, for a moment, the adrenaline and the nerves outside.