Before jump into the car, drivers must perform a series of routines that are marked by their safety. On this occasion, Rene Biner (Lotus) take us to a brief show of what are the essentials thing that they must do before a race. Let’s go!

After wear the suit, drivers must check the helmet and it accessories. They should remove the plastic that is covering the visor to have a clear view of the circuit. When we talk about the accessories we are talking about one of the most important safety things: the Hans. Drivers need check that it fit in perfectly with the helmet.

Secondly, he put the headphones: this is a must for the whole team because it is the tool that keep both connect while drivers are on the circuit. The team and the drivers need to be in touch all the time, something essential to give and receive information about what is happening in a particularly moment.

After that, drivers wear the balaclava helmet (that bring them safety) and wear the helmet, they take their globes and all it is done!

When they jump into the car, there are some safety routines that the member of the team need to check before the drivers go through the ground. The belt and the radio connection are the protagonist. In the case of the belt, it is six-point harness that hold all the body of the drivers from different points: waist, legs and trunk. Although it keeps the whole body hold to the car, if the driver needs to escape from the car, he just has to press one specific button to get it.

When all these is finish with the safety part, members of the team just connect the radio to the driver and he will be ready to combat for the podium!