Although what we really love about World Series Formula V8 is to watch the drivers climbing to the podium, in a few occasions incident could happen in the circuits. What kind of incidents? Two examples: drivers can collapse each other or they could go out of the track, something common in motorsports.

As Jaume Miró (personal trainer of Alfonso Celis Jr.) explained to us, after each of the incidents that could take place during the qualifying races or after the main race, judges call the involved drivers to take note of what happened. And not only the drivers, team mangers also need to explain all the details to know if they have done everything in a correct way.

Imagine that you are one of the drivers. Draw in your mind an imagine of yourself driving at an unreachable speed when, suddenly, you feel like you’re being bitten behind. Obviously, you haven’t done anything, and for sure the driver that is doing that is not doing it on purpose. It may happen that the other pilot is attempting to dodge a different partner, or that his car has had an accident and therefore cannot control the speed or the movements that he is realizing. Thousands of options.

That is why there is a place to go and solve all these little problems attempted in races: the hearing room. Drivers and team managers call it “the confessional”, a place where each driver explain his version about what took place defending his own “until death”. After the obligatory explanations, judges issue a verdict, as if it were a trial.

The main idea for this place of “confession” has been created is to give all drivers the same opportunities, and to clarify everything that happens on the road unexpectedly. The best of this place: the most of the time the incidents that occurred are just a small fright.