We follow the drivers when they are in the circuits but, how they spend the previous days?

The champion of the last race, that took place in Spain (Motorland Aragon), was expecting to arrive in Nurburbring, as we could see in his Twitter account. Don’t despair Pietro! Nurburbring has already start!

Although he was missing so much the races, he spent a great time in the beach. Now he is the envy of his colleagues with his tan! Have a look.

🇬🇧Great weekend at the beach with the family and great friends 🇧🇷Ótimo fim de semana na praia com família e bons amigos 🙏🏽☀️🌊

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Yu is a hard worker, in and out of the circuits. It doesn’t matter where he is, he never misses a train! Look how complete are his training session.

Don’t miss the session that he posted on Instagram. He trains even faster! Amazing Yu!

Some part of the circuit training we did yesterday. 昨日行ったサーキットトレーニングの一部風景。🏋️

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Although he was at home resting for a bit, spending time with his family and his girlfriend, Nelson is always with a view on the next race. Keeping fit is his clue.

A good way to train during the break times is to practice some motorsports. Because of that, Nelson Mason took his nephew to the karting. The passion for races is in his DNA!

Roy Nissany is a pure star in his country, Israel. It is not surprising that every time that he lands there he needs to go to the TV to talk about his successful in World Series Formula V8.

The Italian Damiano Fioravanti has missed so much the races as we could see in his Facebook account. No worries Damiano, Nurburbring is about to start!

Diego Menchaca was pretty excited about returning to Germany. Has he posted in his Instagram account, he was living there for 3 year. It is always great to be at your second home again!

As we could see on the pavement, Tereschenko is a motorsports lover, passion that he keeps out of the races. Look at his spectacular car! Can we be the co-pilot, Konstantin?

Наконец-то приехали проставки и я поставил ее на диски!) 🔥🎉 Конечно тут сразу просится расширение Rocket bunny, но надо набраться терпения чтобы подождать, а пока займёмся подвеской и обкаткой новых шин, дисков по городу ,все интересное по тюнячке этой малышки я буду выкладывать в @time2drive #moscowcity #fire #sportcar #drive #drive2 #drive2ru #drive2_cars # #race #racing #sportcar #sport #stance #style #toyota #toyotamotor #toyotagt86 #toyotagt86rocketbunny

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