Imagine that you have from now on three weeks of holidays. Hurray! Would you think. We are so sorry, that is just a boss business. But there is something that we can do for you: give some ideas of what to do if you have this desirable free time. Well, in fact is not going to be us, your favorite drivers are going to suggest you some nice plans.

Roy Nissany, Rene Binder, Pietro Fittipaldi and Alfonso Celis Jr. are the main characters of this video, where we can watch what have they been doing in the break time and, by the way, get some ideas for your leisure during the holidays or the weekends.

When you spend most of the time out from home travelling and working, the best way to get relax is going your hometown to meet your family and friends. Spending time with them gives you tones of energy, affection and joy. This is something that Roy Nissany know perfectly and that is why he went to meet his loved ones to Tel-Aviv, specially one of them: his puppy Johnny, he is extremely cute!

In the same line, the driver Rene Binder went to spent some free time with his family, friends and with his girlfriend. During these days, apart of spending an awesome time there, he trained hard with his trainer, Joe Leberer. He has a well-known reputation due to his work with the popular driver Ayrton Senna and also for his work for more than 20 years as physio and trainer of the Sauber F1 team. Together, they create really special training sessions has the one that we can watch in the video where they did hiking through the spectacular mountains of Austria.

Pietro is a hard worker as well. While he was in Maranello (Modena, Italy) he was training every single day in the gym, at home and also with a very special instrument: a simulator. With it, he can improve his accuracy for the races, it looks so real!

Alfonso Celis Jr is not an exception: he loves keeping fit to achieve his goals in the races. Because of that, he doesn’t leave a day of press-ups, squats and abs exercises.  With that spectacular views around is pretty easy get motivated!