There is something common in all families: they do all together. Examples: wake up together to go to school or work, have lunch, go on a trip, watch TV after dinner, …right? It happens the same in World Series Formula V8 because the teams of the competition are families as well: groups of people that help each other and fight together for a common goal, in this occasion, achieve the podium.

That is what happens with Fortec Motorsports. As the personal trainer of Alfonso Celis, Jaume Miró, told us, Fortec Motorsports’s crew love doing all together and workout is a crucial part, not only for the driver, also for all the members of the team. Why? Very simple: although the person that practice more exercise during the race is the driver; the mechanics must be in a good form because the need to do extremely quick movements during the Pip stops.

In Motorland, Jaume Miró guided Fortec Motorsports’ team into a warming session. Firstly, joint mobility: in neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles; and secondly, stretching: in arms, shoulders, twins, quadriceps, abductors.

All the members of the team participate in the warming session following the indications of Jaume Miró, from the bottom of the team to the top. And when we talk about the top is not about the drivers. In that occasion, the owner of Fortec Motorsports, Richard Dutton, jointed the crew during the warming session, cheering up the rest of the member.

So, what is the secret of the training of Alfonso Celis Jr? The goal of the training session is to warm up the muscles that the Mexican driver uses more such as neck and cervical. To achieve the podium, as he did in Motorland Aragon, they need to train so focus in these parts of his body. Is that the only secret of Alfonso’s training session? Obviously not, but it was the only one that Jaume told us. Next time we will insist more, we promise.