23 years ago, a pure Italian gentleman, from a well-known family and a good future ahead to him, decided to build his own path. Instead of following his family steps and continued working in the family business he started to build his dream: become a motorsports champion.

Obviously, we are talking about Giuseppe Cipriani, the most experienced driver in World Series Formula V8. But let’s start at the beginning: his grandfather built the famous ‘Harry’s Bar’ in Venice (Italy) and created the tasty ‘carpaccio’ and the exotic ‘Bellini cocktail’.  It was in 1988, three years later than when Guiseppe’s father, Arrigo, started his business expansion in New York City, when Guiseppe made his debut in motorsports: he raced the north American urban circuit ‘Bicentennial Park’ in Miami, achieving the second position. After that year and dos more in the Italian Formula 3, Guiseppe Cipriani founded his own team with the name of ‘Il Barone Rampante’.

That Scuderia gave such a remarkable success at the beginning to the 90’s to Guiseppe Cipriani and his team (with Alex Zanardi, Andrea Montermini and Rubens Barrrichello as drivers) but fater a fatal year in the junior structure Benetton, Guiseppe temporarily give up to focused on the family business. In 2008, Cipriani took up his passion for motorsports and in 2013 he built another Scuderia thanks to his success in Ibizan business called “Ibiza Racing” until 2014. Thanks to that restart, he returns to Formula V8, this season under the name of ‘Il Barone Ramplante’.

What a unique name for a Scuderia, isn’t it? As a good Italian that Guiseppe Cirpriani is, he chose such a sentimental name for his team. This name is due to a renowned Italian novel ‘Il Barone Rampante’ that tells the history of a child from an aristocracy family that, bored about his life, decided to climb onto a tree and spent the rest of his life there. During that time, he lived different adventures and a love story.