A few days ago, he was saying that Pietro Fittipaldi, the driver of Lotus, inherited his passion for racing from his grandfather. It is something totally normal, that the little ones of the family imitate and follow the footsteps of the majors. Although there are a lot of people that don’t know it, not only there is a driver’s saga into the World Series, but also two. This time, within the same team (Lotus). His partner, Rene Binder, is the nephew of a popular Formula 1 driver: Hans Binder.

Hans Binder was born June 12, 1948 in the same city where Rene was born (Innsbruck). He won the European Formula Ford Championship in 1972 and moved into Formula 2 in 1976. During this year, he raced at his home Gran Prix and the Japanese GP. In 1977, he moved to the Surtees team and raced three for ATS.

The legend of the Binder does not stay here: Hans’s brother, Rene’s uncle, was a Formula 3 driver from 1988 to 1997 and went on to run a total of 50 races, of which 3 were in Austrian Formula 3 and, the rest, in the German Formula 3.

It is not surprising that Rene is passionate about motorsport because it is what he has seen at home from a very early. For him, it is an extra motivation that his uncles also dedicated himself to the world of racing, a passion that both of three share and that we could witness at the Circuit de Jerez last year. In 2016, Hans saw on live from the paddock of Jerez how his nephew ran in his cockpit. In exclusive declarations for World Series Formula V8, Hans Binder explained the emotion that he sent returning to the circuits once again after the two years without assisting none, and he recognized to us that he was astonished due to the influx of public that had come to Jerez to see their favorite stars.