This last weekend had placed other more than excited race, this time in Motorland Aragon, where our favorite drivers competed for the podium.

You have already known the results, how currently is the classification and who won but there is something that you don’t know: how the drivers felt during these days and their impressions of Motorland Aragon. No worries. We show you all with this quick glance into their social networks accounts.

Apart of being the champion of the past weekend, Fittipaldi had another good reason of celebration. He turned 21 the same day that he conquered the podium, congrats Pietro! What a great Sunday for him!

Damiano Fioravanti spent a great weekend in Motorland celebrating his birthday with his team. Look at the wonderful cake that his team brought him! Tanti auguri Damiano!

To one of the Mexican drivers, Alfonso Celis Jr, that was an unforgettable weekend: he climbed to the podium again! Congrats Alfonso!

The most expected moment for drivers, on this occasion, for Piettro, Alfonso and Egor: champagne time!

From now to the next race, our drivers have enough time to analyze their victories and mistakes made in Motorland. Look what Alfonso has in mind:

Close to the button of the table was Nelson Mason. Although he did not have much luck in Motorland, he thanked all the supports, from the fans and from his team as well, Teo Martín Motorsports. Here there are his impressions after Motorland Aragon.

Rene Binder was not classified this time because he had a mishap with Yu Kanamaru. Here you have their analysts about that moment.

From now to the next competition, that will take place the 15-16 of July, we have more than fifteen days. Fifteen long days when we will be missing the speed and the noise.