Is a competition about emotion, adrenaline, strength, fight, effort,… We can list thousands of adjetives but there is one that highlights from the others: fun.

Therefore, the organizers of this race have thought of every single details for everyone to enjoy the competition. First of all, the tickets for Motorland Aragon are totally free. The truth is that being able to see your favorite stars without spending anything, is not bad at all, right?

When we talk about fun we refer to all members of the family, that everyone who goes to Motorland Aragon have an amazing day enjoying the races and the activities that will be in the surroundings. And, although you’re an expert and really enjoy the race, sometimes our kids start to get bored of being in the same place for a long time.

The organizers of this event have thought of every detail so that the little ones of the house enjoy as much as their parents: Motorland will be the closest thing to a theme park. You will be able to enjoy death slide (only for the bravest ones), a climbing wall as if it were the Everest, a bouncy castle to jump and touch the sky, as well as bumper cars and a children’s road safety circuit for learning the right behavior to have on the road.

And not only the younger ones will have activities to enjoy. Young and seniors will enjoy a Gametruck simulator, a New Skill simulator and a driving simulator, so they can feel the same as Pietro Fittipaldi, Roy Nissany or Guiseppe Cipriani do when they are driving their cockpits.

Apart of all that, the Clio Cup will take place there, you will meet your favorite Formula 4 drivers and a Formula 1 car on the track will be on display, what a luxury!

What are you waiting for to download your ticket? Just click here. Have you seen how easy?