We have everything prepared for the next race to be held on 23 and 24 June in Motorland Aragón.

The teams are finalizing details, the drivers are training hard and the fans are nervous about who can lift the podium.

So, to open your mouth, let’s dive into the social networks of our favorite drivers and see how they are going through this pre-race time. Let’s go!

Damiano Fioravanti has only one thing in his head: to reach number one in this race.

Unfortunately, we are not experts in the Japanese culture but we are sure that this object (as Yu said) is going to bring tons of luck to Kanamaru.

今年は厄年だったのでこれでバッチリです👌 長勝寺様ありがとうございました。 My luck shall return with this👍 #JapaneseCulture

Una publicación compartida de Yu Kanamaru / 金丸ユウ (@yukanamaru.jp) el

During these days, Rene has been remembering old times. In his Twitter account he published a photo that brings him very good memories: when he got his first podium.

Where everything is ready is in Zaragoza, city near where will take place Motorland Aragon. Even the buses have dressed to welcome the drivers!

The only thing we need now is to warn Fortec Motorsports team of the heat it makes in Spain during the summer. We need that ice-creams truck for Motorland Aragon!

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