When you hear the name of “Andalucía” there are a few words that can come to your mind: tradition, good gastronomy, music, sun, heat, “flamenco”, etc. That is what Rene Binder (Lotus) and Pietro Fittipaldi (Lotus) could feel when they arrived to Sevilla to the presentation event of the World Series Formula V8 race in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz, Spain). Overwhelmed by the beauty of the spot, the two drivers could get into the Andalusian culture while they gave a ‘master class’ to the people who were there.

Rene and Pietro got into the history and beauty of the ‘Alcázares of Sevilla’ where the event got placed, a scene that receive from spectator to the driver without forgetting promoters, the President of the Spanish Federation of Motorsports (Manuel Aviñó) and Santiago Galván (Coucilman of Jerez de la Frontera). Those last ones where specially excited about the race and noted the “great opportunity for the city of Jerez to received a first level race like World Series V8”.

Meanwhile, Manuel Aviño put into words what this race represented and he summed it up in “pride”:  Pride of hosting two World Series Formula V8 races in Spain (Jerez and Aragón), pride of having such a great promoter as RPM is and pride because, in his words, Formula V8 represents more than ten years of single-seating car tradition”.

Everyone was so immersed into the Andalusian culture and Rene and Pietro were not an exception: while Rene inspected every single detail of the ‘Alcázares of Sevilla’ Pietro started to explain to the presents in a perfect Spanish how the cockpit works. And they also have a break time to understand the city as a if from Sevilla they were. You do not believe me? Check the video and look how they enjoy the horse carriage ride.