Who doesn’t love being at a paradisiac island, drinking a ‘mojito’ and hearing the sound of the waves while you are tanning under the sun? Unfortunately that is just possible during the holidays (just if it is affordable to your pocket): all of us are normal humans with a normal job and World Series Formula V8 drivers are not an exception.

Although they are authentic motorsport stars they need to train every single day if they want to achieve the podium. It does not matter where they are, if they are in races time, if they are at home or if they are on holidays, they need to do a rigorous training method and they can not slip away from it.

To train is the most important part of their work as drivers and they must comply with it scrupulously. They need to keep fit and get their bodies used to everything related to extreme speeds. Pietro Fittipaldi (Lotus) does his ‘homework’ every single day but there are some days that he doesn’t have enough time to go to the gym (does it sound familiar to you?). Although there are a few lazy days for Pietro, he gets up every day at 8:00 a.m. to perform his daily exercises.

The clue of training, as Pietro tells us, is to keep between 160-180 heartbeats-per-minute, the same amount as when they are on the pavement. In addition, they need to focus on resistance doing cardio exercises because they must have the same weight every single race. Also, they need pay attention to their coordination: the drivers make very sudden movements while driving the cars and receive instructions from their teams. And finally, they must be really agile and agility is also worked in the train sessions. An ideal exercise to work it is boxing: apart of training it, boxing helps them to burn calories and, also, helps them to have fun.