Imagine that someone gives you your favorite accessory to personalize it. For a painter it will be a brush, for a super model it will be a heel shoes, for a journalist it could be a microphone, but what about a World Serie Formula V8 driver? What comes to your mind? The answer is pretty easy: a helmet.

Yu Kanamaru (RP Motorsport) had the opportunity to create an exclusive helmet. Apart of being such a important security accessory, it has accompanied him for a long time. What did he choose for its costumization? Every symbol on it has a special meaning.

First of all, he has his name written on it. On one side, you can see his first name inside of a shield, symbolizing the struggle of each race for the drivers. Although the drivers have a good relationship between them, World Series Formula V8 involves a daily struggle with themselves, not against them.

Secondly, without seeming selfish, his name is also serigraph on the helmet but this time barely perceptible to the touch.

As Yu Kanamaru explained to us, his helmet also includes some flowers, one of the most representative things of his country: Japan. Imagine which flowers are on it. Almond leaves? That is too easy. The answer is roses. Apart from its beauty, this majestic flower symbolizes love and respect but also purity and gratitude to the Western culture.

What about the colour of the roses? Red is a powerful color in traditional Japanese society, which represents strong emotions rather than ideas. Like the color of the sun in Japanese culture and the Japanese flag, red is the color of energy, vitality, heat and energy.

What about you? What will you include on it? It doesn’t really matter. The most important function of the helmet is, without a doubt, to save you from an accident.