One of the best things that can happen to you in life is this: to enjoy your work as much as your hobby. Or still better, that your work and your hobby coincide! Does it seem impossible? Maybe. But FV8 World Series are the best stage for “impossible things” to become true. It is the story of this called Juan Antonio, native of San Lúcar de Barrameda, on the coast of Cádiz, Spain. He works as a cook for Fortec Motorsport, and these are his own words: “I am totally crazy about this world of motorsports and formula races. Since I also love cooking, mixing both is just perfect”.

Juan Antonio usually prepares meals for around 16 people a day. It can be said that, as a cook, he has an immediate and assured reward: to see the faces of so many people who have taken hunger away! But the best thing is this: after that, Juan Antonio takes off the kitchen apron and puts on the shirt of Fortec. As you can see, the race absorbs him as much as he was absorbed by the preparation of that food for –in this case– 25 people.

Did you know that a motor-racing team needs a cook? When you start to know more about Motorsports, you realize that a Formula driver is just one member of a huge team. That is the case of Fortec Motorsports, specialized in taking on go-karters and manage their transition into single seaters. As they say, “we take great pride in preparing all of our drivers both mentally and physically for the demands of Formula V8”. And a healthy nutrition is a very important part of it. In this case, we can see Juan Antonio is cooking stewed pork meat. The recipe includes onions, carrots, garlic and a bit of wine. Finger-licking!