I would like to ask you something: how is your morning routine? What are your most important tasks in the morning? Think. Then look at this video. It’s great, isn’t it? Now look for the similarities and differences between Yu’s morning routine and yours… Done?

0-Waking up. Yu doesn’t say a word about if he craws out of bed or jumps out of it. What a pity… Let’s suppose he is fast, as it should correspond to a professional driver. Anyway, we must skip this point and pass to the next.

1-Breakast. You may think that a motorsport driver has a very special breakfast. Now you know he doesn’t. At least, not them all…

2-Shower?… Censored!

3-Brush teeth. Most of the people I know brush their teeth after eating (What happened, Yu Kanamaru? 🙂 )

4-Last similarity. Even if you are not very able to sing or speak, you can check your smart phone and interact with it. Am I wrong?

I have only been able to find one difference. Maybe you look a bit grumpier than Yu when you wake up in the morning. Last question: would you be able to register your first movements in the morning and sharing them? Thank you, Yu, for your effort and good mood!

As a conclusion, we can say that Yu Kanamaru is a normal person with a normal morning routine… Otherwise we can conclude that you –who are reading me– are a very special person, who has for breakfast the same food and drinks as a motorsport driver and doesn’t have a lot of time for a morning routine.