In a large part of the world, the third Sunday of June is Father’s Day. Our pilots have taken advantage of social networks to send a message of affection and love to their parents and congratulators on such a special day.

Mexican Diego Menchaca, of the Fortec Motorsport team, shared this wonderful photo kissing his father. As it can not be otherwise, the instanánea was taken in a racing circuit, where his father comes to give support every time he gets in his car. In his message, Menchaca thanked his father for his unconditional support.

No tengo mas que agradecerte… te amo Papá ❤️

Una publicación compartida de Diego Menchaca (@diego_menchaca) el

Pietro Fittipaldi (Lotus) chose a cool image of his dad. Riding on an ostrich! The father of Fittipaldi looks so funny and enjoying, it is no wonder! In his message, his son defines him as the craziest and best dad all over the world. Pietro thanks his father to support him with sacrifice for helping him to follow his dream.

Alfonso Celis Jr., from Fortec Motorsport team, also congratulates Father’s Day with a photo inside of his car while his dad is giving him the latest advice before the race. There is no doubt that it is the best support that anyone can have before a competition and Alfonso Celis Jr. is sure about it. That is what he wanted to thank him, that he is unconditionally always being by his side.

Is that the support of a father the most important thing for anyone and for them is not an exception. A tip, a hug, a kiss, is what they need when they hit the road and therefore, they have decided to dedicate these beautiful words to their parents, who unconditionally support them to achieve their goals, not only on the asphalt, but also in their lives.