The excitement about the next race is even bigger for drivers as Alfonso Celis Jr. and Diego Menchaca. The reason is pretty simple, the next circuit it is taking place in their hometowns: Mexico City.

That is why our Mexican drivers are doing such a big promotion in several media such as TV, radios and in their social network accounts. Let鈥檚 go through their Twitter and Facebook and have a look about how are they preparing and tasting their emotions due to this race.

Alfonso becomes a pure media star in his country. During these days before the race, Celis is offering several press conferences for the Mexican media as if he were a Hollywood star.

The media crowds before Alfonso and Diego to know the details of this competition in depth.

The goal of this next race for the Mexican drivers? Bring the name of their country to the top and, of course, win the race!

During the interviews that they are offering during these days, drivers are asked about many issues. In one of the media he has come to, Diego Menchaca wanted to emphasize the support that he has always received from his family so that he could fulfill his dream: to become a motor sports star.

The drivers are touring Mexico from top to bottom promoting this new race in their country. They are the best hosts!

To wet our聽lips, the Mexican drivers have offered us a video that shows the excitement, adrenaline and speed involved in this race. Check out this next video, how excited we are to be on the track again!

Now, what is left? Only one thing: that this current week pass the fastest way so that we can feel the vibrations of the World Series Formula V8 again in Mexico City.