Unexpected, fast and exciting. He got into the race and killed it. Nobody excepted it but he did it. Just 20 years old, Alex Palou got a historic pole in the Nurburgring being able to be the first debutant in 2017 to obtain a pole. He left us amazed.

Alex Palou came to World Series to replace Nelson Mason in the German Race. With just 20 years, the Spanish driver beat his opponents in the blink of an eye. He got the unexpected and everyone there gave up at his feet. “Nurburgring is a championship that I always dreamed of running, I have managed to keep up with Daniel Ricciardo or Miguel Molina, I would never have imagined this.”

The excitement of victory was evident to all the people who were watching the race, inside and outside his own team. Daniel Molina, who went to the Nürburgring, did not expect this triumph. They have known each other for a long time, as Molina tells us, and despite knowing that Palou was going to do it very well, no such overwhelming triumph was expected.

From other teams also wanted to congratulate Palou for this success. Paul Heath, of Fortec Motosports, told us that it is great to have new drivers and that the triumph of Palou shows that all the teams can do a good job. “The opportunities exist and are real for all the drivers of this competition”. Therefore, World Series Formula V8 is “Where stars are born”.

Not surprisingly, the first to congratulate and rejoice over the triumph of Palou was his father, who oversaw telling Palou before he reached the goal that was in the first position.

In the rest of the competition we will not see Alex Palou again, but we hope he returns soon to compete with the rest of the drivers to make us leave that good taste.