Initiative, optimism, understanding the environment, modesty and ego, enthusiasm, intelligence, confidence… These are the clues to be a good leader, qualities that can be extrapolated to any job: architecture, medicine, universities and, of course, World Series Formula V8.

This is something that David Muntaner (Lotus) knows a lot about. His job is to transmit what the driver needs in every single moment of the race so he emphasizes that a good communication is vital for the team: the driver knows the car, how to drive it, how to manage every curve and when does he have to speed or reduce the velocity from inside. But, who is the eyes of the pilot from the outside?

The race engineer gives a different view of the race to the driver. Obviously, without leaving out all the people who work in the team: putting the ideas of all the members together, added to the decisions of the engineers and the drivers themselves, is when they touch the sky. In David’s own words, if you take into account all ideas is when everything works to perfection.

Another must to be a good leader is to have passion for his work. World Series Formula V8 is a competition that takes drivers, their teams and their families around the world during seven intense months. Therefore, loving this sport is vital. “Formula V8 is a passion for all of us, it involves all the team. Otherwise, you can not do this work, “says David Muntaner.

We have already listed two of the most important things in a job such as Formula V8: a good communication and passion for what you are doing, but there is one thing that David Muntaner does not let slip: good vibes. “He is the easiest driver I’ve ever worked with, we have a really good feeling between each other since the beginning.”

These are some of the ingredients of the recipe for success in life and, of course, in World Series Formula V8. Can you think of any more?