World Series V8 3.5 races are so tight that any little detail or small improvement can proclaim a car as the winner or as the loser. All the teams study in detail the competition rules in order to push them to the limit and they try to localise any excuse that allows them to win the race. To make sure that everything is kept under control, there has to be someone controlling the vehicles. This is Michel Cruquet’s job, technical delegate of World Series Formula V8 3.5.

Michel Cruquet’s role may remain unnoticed to motorsport’s fans as it takes place inside doors. However, it is crucial to make the competition fairer and more interesting. Before being a commissary, he was a driver, so he knows perfectly well the needs of the teams and understands better than anyone how they feel. For this reason, he knows that they are willing to do almost anything to win the races. His job in this competition is to make sure that nobody breaks the rules with the innovations introduced in the cars.

Michel Cruquet is responsible for carrying out a very meticulous and strict control to the vehicles because the teams tend to work at the edge of the rules. In some cases they have to disassemble the car piece by piece to make sure that everything meets the established normative. Although these rigorous controls can take them up to 6 hours, the advanced tools they have at this moment and the equipment they use help a lot in this task.

The technical department is formed by a group of experts in motorsport who know everything about the vehicles. Thanks to these controls, the World Series Formula V8 3.5 is fairer since all the equipment conforms to the standards that make it possible.