Six Games That Can Give You Free Credits In Every Win

Now you can play and win money, you don’t need to waste time playing games without getting anything. Here are six games that are recommended for those of you who like to hunt for credits.

Domino 99

Domino99 or better known as Domino Qiu Qiu is a type of traditional card game. The concept of the game is simple but still exciting. Playing this game really depends on luck. However, you can learn the basics of playing dominoes so you can expand your fortune.

Poker Time

This poker game requires concentration and a good strategy to be able to win every game. The developer of this game promises reward rewards in the form of credit, cellphones, and other attractive prizes for those of you who qualify in exchanging coins with a certain amount. Try it, who knows you’re lucky.

Domino QQ

Have a lot of free time? Like to play games? There is no harm in playing Domino QQ. In addition to offering an exciting and easy-to-understand concept of the game, this local card game which is very popular in Indonesia turns out to offer attractive prizes for its players, one of which is the point-swap feature.


Despite having a unique name, this game called Cumaceban gives many attractive prizes for free to its players who have won the challenges. In this Cumaceban game, you will play a character named Mr.Ceban with a very Indonesian game theme.

Prize Pool

As the name implies, this game called Prize Pool offers a variety of attractive prizes that everyone will love. What is that? Starting from prizes in the form of pulses, PS4, LED TV, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8, Asus ROG Gaming Laptops, and many other cool prizes. How to play? Quite easy, you only need to aim and shoot various types of fish with unexpected gifts.

Plow Money

One more game that will make you suddenly stunted, the game called Pirate Money. In accordance with the concept of the game, this game requires you to train your troops and attack other players by robbing their possessions. Your role here is of course as a pirate captain.