All good things come to an end, even World Series. It has now come that moment of the year when we have to take a look back to all that has been happening. Throughout all this season, we have experienced great moments, surprises, anxiety, excitements, triumphs … and we have seen all this in a very special way.

This year we have shown you a different side of this competition, to which you have had full access. We have revealed all the secrets and imperceptible details that have allowed you to live the competition before, during and after the race within a closer and more special approach.

Our platform has become a huge ‘digital paddock’ opened to you, from which you have been able to access all the information about the drivers, the teams and the competition’s organizers. The best of it? That everything has been narrated by the protagonists of the competition.

Had you ever wondered what the drivers do before they go out to the races? And what about the huge team of technicians, engineers, coaches, television operators and so on that make the World Series such a great and special competition? We have even gone into the drivers’ houses to meet their families and friends, their hobbies, their routines… We have gone with them during their holidays. You have never felt so close to the drivers, have you?

All this and much more have been narrated in first person throughout 44 videos that have had an important impact on social networks. Our tweets have achieved around 1,200,000 impressions, we have reached 828,173 persons engaged on Facebook, our videos have 673,077 minutes watched on YouTube… More than 3 million impacts on social media!

We have shown you where the stars are born. Don’t you want a bit more?