Once the season is finished, we have to look back and take stock. And we have realised that it is very difficult to describe in just a word how these months of competition have been. However, wandering through the paddock, you can hear words like satisfaction, enjoyment and history. It has been a great year, so it is not a moment to be sad but to remember all the good things that we have experienced.

World Series is a very special competition in the motorsports industry. During the races you were able to hear great names that will be frequently heard in the near future, you have witnessed the first professional manoeuvres of drivers with great skills…  In the end, the World Series has been the time and place where stars were born. Before, this competition was the cradle of giants like Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel or Carlos Sainz.

We have told you everything that has happened in the World Series. You were able to feel the adrenaline, but you could also understand the anxiety that is experienced on the track and get excited with the drivers. The illusion to go ahead and to live the dream of their life has been what has encouraged drivers like Diego Menchaca or Alfonso Celis Jr to work very hard on every circuit.

Before closing completely the season, we have to congratulate once again Pietro Fittipaldi (Lotus), the brand new World Series V8 3.5 champion. With this triumph, he has continued on his successful family path in motorsports, a hobby and a profession that he has inherited from his grandfather Emmo.

We have experienced a great season. Thank you for choosing us and being by our side. Thanks for getting excited as we also did. Thanks for making the World Series this big.