Pietro Fittipaldi (Lotus) has been proclaimed champion of 2017 World Series Formula V8 3.5. With this triumph, the driver has achieved one of his biggest dreams: win the motorsport championship. This big recognition was possible thanks to his hard work before, during and after each race but also to his great performance in circuits such as Mexico, Jerez or Silverstone.

Success is in this Brazilian driver’s blood, but also in his surname. Pietro is the grandson of Emerson Fittipaldi, who became a motorsport legend in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Pietro is his number 1 fan and he listens carefully to every piece of advice that his grandfather gives him before each competition. He has been the biggest inspiration during the competition.

For example, his granddad Emmo taught him about the importance of having a good pre-race routine. Before going to the track, Pietro spends a while preparing himself physically, with neck, shoulders and back stretching, but he also does some mental exercises. Meditating and visualizing the race has become a family tradition that, considering Pietro’s good results, works perfectly well when he is in the car. May this be the key fact for this success?

The training of a champion like Pietro has to continue off the track every day. The driver works to gain resistance going on a daily basis to the gym. But he also tries to be agiler and be more coordinated practising boxing. Pietro tries to continue with these exercises during the holidays, like this year when he explored the Austrian mountains with his team colleague Rene Binder.

This has been a great season for Pietro Fittipaldi who has shown his happiness and gratitude with each of the members of his team for his great work. We can only say one more thing: our congratulations to the champion!