The drivers work very hard during the months, weeks and days before the race to achieve the best results. But the preparation for the race is as important as this long-term training. Before getting into the car, the driver has to make sure that he is completely ready to face a challenge as complicated and demanding as a race.

Do you know what type of warm-up exercises is better to perform in a race? Pietro Fittipaldi tells us about the routine he follows for the pre-race preparation. Pay attention if you want to succeed as much as he does!

Firstly, this Lotus’ driver starts with physical exercises that prepare him for each training session or each race. He does stretching, focusing on the shoulders, the neck and the lower back. This is a body area that suffers a lot during the race as it receives the vehicle speed. Pietro Fittipaldi tells us that when he’s feeling tired or not as awake as he should be, there is nothing better than a small cardio session to get him ready. It wakes him up!

In addition to this physical training, it is very important to do some mental exercises to be psychologically ready for the competition as it is also very mentally demanding.

Pietro Fittipaldi tells us that meditating a bit before each race is a family tradition that his brother Enzo also maintains. In order to be calm before the competition, this Lotus driver gets himself into a quiet room and with his eyes closed tries to visualize the race ahead. This is something that his grandfather, Emerson Fittipaldi, taught him and that makes him feel full of energy to succeed on the car track.

And considering his good results during this season, it seems that this pre-race routine is working well, isn’t it?