Is Poker classified as a sport?

Many have questioned the game of poker. Some say poker is a game that requires skill and strategy even for poker online, but there are some who say poker is just a game based on luck.

Is Poker A Sport?

Although the poker game has been officially categorized by the International Minds Association (IMSA) as a mind game, it does not mean that everyone can accept this fact. According to IMSA, poker is included in the same category as chess, drafts, and bridges.

What is often disputed in poker is the presence of uncertainty, as well as roulette. You cannot control the whole poker game process. It is true that from a point of view like this, but there are many factors that can be controlled in this game.

Poker is a brain game

Poker is a game that involves mathematics and probability. This game depends on each player in assessing everything that happens to increase their chances of winning.

In any sport, players must always train hard to get better, just like poker. Professional poker players train hard all the time and always learn how to play other players to manage their playing strategies. No doubt, poker has similarities with other sports, namely the more powerful players who win.

Players who only play for hobbies, will not be as great as players who routinely play and practice every day. This principle also applies in soccer or tennis. There is a significant difference between players who only play casually and players who train every day.

The chance to win is always there

The fact is that in the long run, the more powerful players will defeat the less skilled players. However, there are times when the worst player in the world can win against the greatest player in the world with a little luck. Just because of this factor, many experts say that poker is not a sport, but a game of luck.

Let’s use soccer as an example. How often do top soccer teams lose against amateur soccer teams? If you play 20 times, the winner is clear. However, there are times when the amateur team can beat a more powerful team once or twice. Same is the case with poker games.


The meaning of the term sport is essentially totally different from the poker game. Sport is recognized as various types of movements, games, as well as competition. In poker, you don’t need to force yourself physically, neither do chess or bridge games. That is why poker games are more suitably categorized as brain games.