Frenchman Dorian Boccolacci topped the morning session of the last day in the Formula V8 3.5 Collective Test with a lap in 1.26.719 putting the Teo Martin Motorsport on top spot in home soil with his team mate the Spaniard Alex Palou finishing third. Roy Nissany (Lotus) was the second best driver.

The third and last day of Collective Test presented some new and old faces in the Circuit of Jerez. Roy Nissany (Lotus) and Egor Orudzhev (Arden Motorsport) returned to their garages. The Swiss Kevin Jörg joined the Lotus team for this final day. Beitske Visser was again on duty in AVF while Dorian Boccolacci has moved to Teo Martin Motorsport. The Spanish team has welcomed the young Alex Palou, who will have his 1st ever contact with the Formula V8 3.5. The Argentinean Facu Regalia moved to the garage next door, with RP Motorsport. Meanwhile Brazilian Pietro Fittipaldi was back in the Fortec Motorsports garage alongside Alfonso Celis Jr.

Egor Orudzhev, the SMP Racing driver testing with his team Arden Motorsport, was the first of the drivers to complete a timed lap. Dorian Boccolacci (Teo Martin Motorsport) set the pace in his first stint, with the Spaniard Alex Palou already in third position.

After the first runs were completed and ideal track conditions, Dorian Boccolacci set the pace in 1.27.734 with Alex Palou in second position 0.858 tenths behind. Again Egor Orudzhev, Pietro Fittipaldi (Fortec Motorsports) and Roy Nissany came closer to the French driver in Teo Martin Motorsport.

Alfonso Celis Jr. stepped in the track later after his team repaired a broken fuel tank in the car and joined Boccolacci in P2. The Frenchman profited a new set to put the best lap of the test in 1.26.761. Drivers went back to the track ready por the pole assault and Pietro Fittipaldi and Beitske Visser joined the conversation.  Spanish Alex Palou moved up to the second position putting the Spanish Teo Martin Motorsport in top spot on home soil.

Egor Orudzhev and Kevin Jörg went on the assault with fresh tyres the SMP Racing driver moving to P3 in his best lap. The Russian SMP Racing driver rejoined the pits and stepped in again with a new set while the Israeli Roy Nissany aligned all sectors to set the pace with the best registered time: 1.26.731.

In his last stint with new tyres, Dorian Boccolacci set the pace in Jerez with 1.26.719, only 0.012 sc faster than Roy Nissany’s best timed lap, with Alex Palou securing the third best lap.

Best Driver- Dorian Boccolacci (Teo Martin Motorsport) – 1.26.714

“I met the team in Barcelona when I raced for them in F3 and I won one race for them. It’s great to be back in this team and this morning we just showed that this is an excellent team and we’ve got a great package! Also my team mate Alex (Palou) did a great job finishing third! It has been an amazing day, I feel so comfortable in this car, I repeat it once again, and this is an unbelievable car!”

Best Debutant – Alex Palou (Teo Martin Motorsport) – 1.26 801

“This first experience behind a World Series car it’s just amazing! I wasn’t expecting so much grip and power in the braking. It’s a big step compared to a GP3 car but it did not cost me much to get adapted! I maybe missed one little tenth… but it will come! To finalise I’m so happy with this experience and now it’s time to keep on learning!”

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