The announcement of the FIA WEC partnership with Formula V8 and the prize-test that the World Endurance Championship offers to the best Formula V8 certainly has awaken great interest amongst them!

RaymondBlancafort by Raymond Blancafort:

All the Formula V8 drivers and teams understand that a new, wide and interesting door has been opened to them, to reach a top professional career. And this time it has not a F1-link, the dream of any young talented single-seater driver when he/she debuts in motorsports.

Access to Formula One looks now limited to drivers supported by any official development program or a million dollar briefcase, too far to the little support of the personal sponsorship deals from the drivers, and often it’s regarded as a matter of Estate, like it happened with Ryo Harianto.



Tom Dillmann, the current leader in the Formula V8, is one of the guys who possibly is looking with more interest into this new path. The Frenchman, 27, may be considered by most of the F1 teams as too old to make a debut.

The interest has gone even across the own discipline’s boundaries in the paddock, and you can feel the enthusiasm in EuroOpen Formula, whose best drivers will deserve a Formula V8 3.5 test, but also to some of the school categories, as F3, F4 and Formula Renault 2.0

Race Start


The point is that it’s not a matter of stepping immediately in one of these fantastic LMP1 official-make cars, but the opportunity to reach also other interesting Endurance top level disciplines: LMP2 or GT3 are also looking forward to renewed energies.

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